Monday, March 23, 2009

Bits and pieces..

It's been awhile since I've been here judging from the date of my last post. Life has been very busy for me. I started working after lazying around for 4 years and I've had a hard time figuring out how to manage everything in my life now. I'm doing it, but it's hard!

My younger son moved out and my older son and his wife moved in. Haha, I guess my husband and I will never have privacy..:) Oh well, it's an excuse to go away for little weekend trips I guess, works for me.

I lost quite a bit of weight and along with that, a lot of hair. That was quite a shock! But, my doctor put me on a schedule of Rogane, which I never remember to use and I absolutely hate the stuff! My son put me on a regimen of vitamins and within one month my hair started growing back in! I guess all those years at that medical school was worth it.

What else...Hmm

I started on my poetry again. It's been years, but I've had a yearning to write again, so might post some on here once in awhile.


Patty said...

Welcome back to blogspot. I think you will like it, it never seems to go down like some others.

justmykillersmile said...

Laurie, looks like I forgot about it for a bit too! Thank you for the comment and well-wishes.

You have too many blogs. :) This is why you forget to keep up with this one. That's what I think.